Bianca C Expedition, 1999

Here is some info and pictures of our expedition (April 25 - May 2, 1999) to the wreck of the Bianca C off Grenada.

Bianca C Deck Plans - Deck plans (333 KBytes) of the "La Marseillaise", the original name for the Bianca C.

Bianca C History - Link to Dive Grenada's Bianca C page.

Exterior Photos I - Various places in the bow.

Exterior Photos II - More bow shots.

Exterior Photos III - Various pictures of the stern.

Exterior Photos IV - The gaggle on the deco lines, and other pictures of people underwater.

Interior Photos I - We did a lot of work in and around the First Class galley area, and other parts of the bow.

Interior Photos II - Super stern pictures, including the long penetration to the photogenic engine room, and the engineer's workshop areas.

Topside Photos I - Pictures of the people and places.

Topside Photos II - Pictures of people and artifacts.

Newly Added Bianca C Photos - Includes both underwater and topside pics, and artifacts!

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