New Bianca C Photos

All images on this page 1999, as annotated.

This pictures shows us on the way out for a morning dive, just leaving the beach. In the background you can see the Alamanda Beach Resort (on right), and the dive shop, Dive Grenada (on left). When we get back from the dive, the beach will be packed with tourists from the cruise ships! Photo by Sonny Gortych.
Christina Young shooting video deep inside the interior of the Bianca C, in the auxiliary workshop area on the same deck as, and not too far from, the engine room. This was also a pretty cool area of the ship! You can see my small, compact Jersey up line reel secured by innertube on the side of my right cylinder -- a reel with 350' of nylon line like this doesn't have to be large, bulky, or a snag hazard! Photo by Sonny Gortych.
Christina Young decompressing with a Borg drone. I won't say who this is, but the next time he shines those big, helmet-mounted lights in my face, I'm going to smash them with my hammer! Photo by Sonny Gortych.
Enrique Alvarez and Sonny Gortych show off some nice pewter artifacts. Photo by ??, courtesy of Sonny Gortych.
Sonny Gortych and Christina Young have a coffee break after a dive to the Bianca C's 1st Class galley. Photo by ??, courtesy of Sonny Gortych.
Enrique Alvarez and Darren Lynch catalog the week's artifacts after the last dive of the trip. Photo by Christina Young, courtesy of Enrique Alvarez.
Christina Young and Sonny Gortych with Bianca C artifacts, prior to going home. Photo by Enrique Alvarez.
The A-Team waits in the Grenada airport for the flight back to New York. Photo by ??, courtesy of Enrique Alvarez.

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