Bianca C Topside Photos II

These are all various topside pictures of us and the artifacts we got. All images on this page 1999 by either Christina Young, Sonny Gortych, or Darren Lynch, as annotated.

Sonny Gortych with some nice 1st Class coffee cups. Image from video by Christina Young.
Enrique Alvarez with 1st Class china, and pewter gravy boat and goblet. Photo by Darren Lynch.
Darren Lynch with 1st Class china and pewterware. Photo by Enrique Alvarez.
Christina Young with 1st Class china, pewter gravy boat and goblets, and beautiful coffee creamer. Photo by Sonny Gortych.
Nick Marino and Steve Lovas with dinner plates recovered from the room with the industrial dishwashers, one deck up from the First Class galley area. This china was different, with a herring bone pattern in the porcelain around the rim, and a 'C' on the back. Photo by Christina Young.
Darren Lynch with salt shaker and coffee cup from crew's mess, and nice, bronze, wall-mounted cage lamp from engine room, while Nick Marino dozes off. ;-) Photo by Christina Young.
This picture shows a glazed-in pattern of the flag with the 'C' in it, which graced the 1st class china. Unfortunately, this pattern was just decaled on (in a blue decal), and fell off of most of the china. The ones that are glazed in got that way from the intense heat of the fire. Photo by Darren Lynch.

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