1999 Andrea Doria Photos III

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

Page 1 of pictures from the 1999 Seeker / Mad Dog expedition to the Andrea Doria, approximately 107 miles in the North Atlantic off Montauk, New York, which took place on July 31, 1999. All images from video.

The mood throughout this expedition was somber, as the previous expedition was marred by the tragic death of Seeker mate and friend Charlie McGurr (see Memorial Page). During this expedition the Seeker tied the mooring in the midship, approximately 50 feet aft of Gimbel's hole.

The Mad Dog Alice and Christine Dennison (co-owner of Mad Dog Expeditions) await the departure of the Seeker for the Andrea Doria. The black labrador retriever behind Alice works for the U.S. Coast Guard and Alice lead her on an inspection tour of the Seeker. The Coast Guard station is the white building to the left.
The Seeker in a somber mood prior to departure for the Andrea Doria.
John Yurga and Gary Gentile assist Petie Wohlleben get geared up prior to tieing in, shortly after the Seeker arrives on the site of the Andrea Doria.
Petie Wohlleben comes back from his Doria dive. We all anxiously await his report of the conditions below.
Andrew Driver prepares his Cis-Lunar rebreather for a Doria dive, assisted by Gary Gentile.
Looking down at the wreck during descent.
Image of the boat deck.
Steve Lovas explores off in the distance.
The promenade deck. Notice the heavy blanket of anemones.
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