1999 SS Mohawk Photos II

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

Welcome to New Jersey's newest dive boat for deep exploration, the Depth Charge!  The Depth Charge is a 42-foot Provincial, custom built to salvage the RMS Republic and other cool wrecks!

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the maiden voyage of the Depth Charge to the 387- foot long passenger liner SS Mohawk, Saturday, November 20, 1999.  The SS Mohawk sank in 1935 in a collision with the freighter Talisman, eight miles east of Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey.  (Continued).

Can you spot the brass safety razor I'm about to recover from a favorite digging hole in what used to be the hold?  That's right, it's the rectangular, green and white thing in the top-center of the picture.
Two beautiful brass safety razors in excellent condition!  It's unique artifacts like this that make diving the Mohawk so rewarding.
Joe Mazraani with a large porthole backing plate, still attached to a piece of the hull.
Bill Schmoldt assists Joe Mazraani with his porthole by attaching a second lift bag to it.
Up, up and away!  Bill Schmoldt shoots the porthole to the surface. 
Bill Schmoldt ties the up-line that the porthole is on to a piece of wreckage, so it doesn't drift away.
Bill Schmoldt does his decompression.  Notice the nice, brand-new fishing rod that he found!
Joe Mazraani, Bill Cleary and Paul Klein lift the porthole onto the boat.
The crew of the Depth Charge on its maiden voyage.  From left to right, Joe Mazraani, Paul Klein, Bill Schmoldt, and Christina Young.  Taken by Bill Cleary.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of water droplets on my housing when this was taken!
Christina and Bill Cleary show off the brass safety razors.  Ditto on the water droplets again! :-(
Capt. Bill Cleary pilots the Depth Charge back in at the end of the day.... the beginning of many productive and exciting voyages! 

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