1999 SS Mohawk Photos I

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

Welcome to New Jersey's newest dive boat for deep exploration, the Depth Charge!  The Depth Charge is a 42-foot Provincial, custom built to salvage the RMS Republic and other cool wrecks!

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the maiden voyage of the Depth Charge to the 387- foot long passenger liner SS Mohawk, Saturday, November 20, 1999.  The SS Mohawk sank in 1935 in a collision with the freighter Talisman, eight miles east of Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey.

The Depth Charge passes the Seeker (at dock) while leaving Manasquan.
Bill Cleary (right) at the helm of the Depth Charge, heading east to the Mohawk at 23 knots!  Bill Schmoldt and Joe Mazraani also look out.  When this boat is revved up, it sound and feels like an aircraft taking off! 
Heading out into the Atlantic, away from New Jersey.  This picture shows the large amount of stern deck space the Depth Charge has.  Nice stainless steel Christmas tree ladder by Enrique Alvarez!
Paul Klein hooks the wreck while Joe Mazraani looks on.
Joe Mazraani gets suited up in preparation for a Mohawk dive.
Christina gets suited up.
I'm still suiting up.  Bill Cleary (holding camera) makes fun of my use of appropriate dive terminology (goggles, flippers, helmet, "hand things"), while Paul Klein (behind me) laughs at me.  ;-)
Paul Klein before his dive.
The Depth Charge's tie-in point on the Mohawk.  Note the strobes on the anchor chain.
Beams and wreckage of the SS Mohawk.  Most of the Mohawk is very broken up, but there are many great digging places for artifacts, especially for scooters and dredges.
Some more wreckage.  There are productive digging spots for those making the effort to move all those beams!  This whole area of the wreck is the hold.
Bill Schmoldt flying his scooter over the Mohawk.  Visibility was rather poor.

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