2004 Alaska Photos V

Diving the SS Aleutian (Cont.)

All images on this page 2004 by Christina Young, unless otherwise noted.  Background photo: Kodiak mountains and Uganik Lake from a Cessna 206 floatplane, 2004 by Christina Young.

Kodiak Island, Alaska    July 24-31, 2004

Continued from Page IV.  For the detailed background description, see Page I.

Heading to the area of the bridge.  The bridge doesn't really exist anymore -- it collapsed.  In fact, the entire top deck was wood, so it is gone.  The lower steel decks are mostly still intact, however.  "Intact" meaning that there are beams and hull plates still standing.  
  This is the big, bronze telegraph, covered by anemones and junk, just hanging down. 
Here is the telegraph from a different angle.   
  Some other debris in the bridge. 
Steve Lloyd explores the bridge.   
  A brass step in the bridge area. 
This the forward mast of the Aleutian.  It stretches up quite a ways.   
  This is Steve Lloyd on his hang.  That large, bowl-shaped object on his camera is indeed the kitchen sink!  In fact it is a stainless steel sink he adapted to use as a reflector with his video lighting!  
And here is a nice bag of goodies... some very beautiful "Alaska Steamship Company" china!     
  David does his decompression. 
And Fabrice does his.   

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