2004 Alaska Photos IV

Diving the SS Aleutian (Cont.)

All images on this page 2004 by Christina Young, unless otherwise noted.  Background photo: Kodiak mountains and Uganik Lake from a Cessna 206 floatplane, 2004 by Christina Young.

Kodiak Island, Alaska    July 24-31, 2004

Continued from Page III.  For the detailed background description, see Page I.

Here is a jellyfish on our decompression.   
  And we climb surface back to the beautiful Kodiak topside scenery!  See, we weren't in New Jersey after all! 
This is me after my dive, it is quite bright and my video camera is not used to it!   
  And here is Fabrice Pilato after his dive. 
Let's have some lunch now.  Here is Josh and Andrei.   
  Arrrgh!  And Cap'n Josh and Brian, our wonderful chef. 
And Rob, Sondra and Steve...   
The weather was rainy with low ceilings for much of our time on the expedition, but we don't care, we're diving!
Fabrice and David get ready for the afternoon dive, this time to the bow of the Aleutian.
  This is looking up at the bow near the tie-in, in the dark. 
There is a big net there...  
  ... and here is someone's penetration line. 
The mooring chain.   
  Swimming through the bow structure. 

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