2004 Alaska Photos III

Diving the SS Aleutian (Cont.)

All images on this page 2004 by Christina Young, unless otherwise noted.  Background photo: Kodiak mountains and Uganik Lake from a Cessna 206 floatplane, 2004 by Christina Young.

Kodiak Island, Alaska    July 24-31, 2004

Continued from Page II.  For the detailed background description, see Page I.

Here is a nice cage lamp laying in the debris!  Can you see it?  
  Ribs in the stern of the wreck.  Although the structure of the Aleutian is upright and still somewhat intact, it looks like a shipwreck and not really a ship anymore! 
Does anyone know what this mystery object is?   
  Part of the stern structure of the Aleutian.  Sorry, visibility isn't all that great once a group of divers starts raking through the wreckage searching for artifacts! 
This is a black rockfish swimming into one of the staterooms.  They are the Alaskan version of a grouper, and are just as tasty!   
  Here is a nice brass cage lamp on a set of stairs.  The silty water makes pictures and video difficult with the backscatter.
Believe it or not, these are staterooms in the stern!  I retrieved a very nice crystal water pitcher from one of them.  
  This is a ling cod on the stern.  Are you sure we're not in New Jersey? 
Here is a nice brass fire extinguisher!   
  A sink in the stern... 
....and a nice brass sign.   
  Time to head back up....  

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