2002 Andrea Doria Photos III

All images on this page 2002 by Christina Young.

These are pictures from the 2002 Seeker 2-day expedition to the Andrea Doria, approximately 107 miles off Montauk, New York, under 250 feet of water in the North Atlantic, which took place on July 13-14, 2002.

For more information on the Andrea Doria, the Grand Dame of the Sea, check out the New Jersey Scuba Diving Andrea Doria Page and the Seeker's Andrea Doria page.  There also two good books out about diving the Andrea Doria.  The first is Andrea Doria: Dive To An Era by Gary Gentile (1989), and the second is Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria by Kevin McMurray (2001).

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I'm not quite sure what this large object was, hanging from the "ceiling".
A soap dish lying in the very fine silt.
Heading out and into a stairwell corridor.  Exposed cables and pipes are everywhere.
Going down and out into the 2nd class pool area, I look up and see large lifeboat davits from hanging down from the Lido Deck.
Another stairwell.  This one is is on the starboard side, or "bottom" of the wreck on the promenade deck, near the 2nd class reading room.
Going up the stairway and exiting out onto the boat deck near the women's room on the 2nd class veranda.
Another picture showing how the wreck is really cracking up towards the stern.
Here we are back at the anchor line.
George Place holds the wreath while Bill Cleary reads the names of all those who died in the Andrea Doria - Stockholm collision on July 26, 1956.

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