2000 Andrea Doria Photos III

All images on this page 2000 by Christina Young.

These are pictures from the 2000 Seeker / Mad Dog 3-day expedition to the Andrea Doria, approximately 107 miles off Montauk, New York, under 250 feet of water in the North Atlantic, which took place on July 29-31, 2000 (continued from page II).

Steve Lovas heads back up to the tie-in point at the end of his dive.
Steve Lovas and Dan Bartone reattach their stage bottles at the end of the dive.
Christina climbs back on board the Seeker after a Doria dive.  My own camera is turned on me for this shot.  Notice how nice and flat the seas are!
Andrew Driver explains the operation of the Cis-Lunar Mk-5 closed-circuit rebreather to Terry Martzall.
While we're all mixing gas for the next day's diving, we take a few minutes out to enjoy the beautiful sunset!
The next morning Steve Lovas and Dan Bartone get suited up for a Doria dive.
Petie Wohlleben returns from an early morning dive.  He's always the first one into the water every morning, often splashing at 5 am!
Petie with his china.  He got some nice first class dinner plates, some elegant Oriental-pattern china, and some silverware.
Dan Hogberg and Dan Persson, two of our Swedish contingent, prepare for a morning Doria dive.  They are from the southern part of Sweden, and have some really great wrecks right off their coast.

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