2001 Sea Tiger Photos III

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from two of my Mk-15 training dives, to a small Japanese freighter, the Sea Tiger, off Honolulu, Hawaii.  Or maybe that's the Sea Tiger Maru. ;-)  These took place on February 28th and March 1st, 2001.  Background image: the lush windward side of Oahu.

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Exiting the wreck in the stern.
Joey decides to show off for the camera and take his gear off....
... and proceeds to do flips like a sea lion....
... Da - da!!
Looking forward from the stern of the Sea Tiger. 
A skylight next to the stack.
A large piece of unidentified machinery.
Here's what the new Smithers-Juergensen second generation Mk-15 electronics look like.  In the upper left corner is the current depth; the lower left corner is the max depth; the upper middle number is the set point, the lower right three numbers the actual readings of each of the O2 sensors.  The three asterisks indicate the voting logic (if a sensor was voted out, it would be shown with an 'X').  The upper right number indicates dive time.
We spot bubble blowers!  A dive boat must have pulled up after we started our dive...... we eye each other suspiciously.  ;-)
We swim back through the wreck, and come out to our friend.

Exiting the wreck once again.  I like the small, compact package of the Mk-15 for wreck diving.

Looking back to see more of those guys who waste their gas blowing bubbles! ;-) ;-)  I hope you've enjoyed these pictures from two of my rebreather training dives..... a nice winter break!

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