2001 Sea Tiger Photos II

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from two of my Mk-15 training dives, to a small Japanese freighter, the Sea Tiger, off Honolulu, Hawaii.  Or maybe that's the Sea Tiger Maru. ;-)  These took place on February 28th and March 1st, 2001.  Background image: the famous and beautiful Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu.

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Swimming back to the bow, we look down in one of the freighter's holds and spot a large sea turtle.  This guy lives on this wreck!
Joey swims to the bow, over large machinery.
A large windlass catches his eye and he stops to play with it.
I shoot a bag (a surface marker buoy) as an exercise.... some things you take for granted on open circuit no longer work with rebreathers.  I can't do it "Capt. JT" style anymore where I just exhale into the bag with my regulator!
We come back for more fun the next day... 
Descending in the beautiful blue water to the wreck.
I head straight to the bridge section, swimming over the holds.
Schools of fish swarm near the bridge.
All the writing on the bridge equipment is in Japanese.
Swimming through the corridors in the superstructure.

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