2000 Sebastian Photos III

All images on this page 2000 by Christina Young.

The Sebastian is a British tanker which sank in 1918 due to a fire in the ship's stern. It lies 250 feet under the North Atlantic, 100 miles off Montauk, New York, and just 8 miles from the Andrea Doria. Although the hull is mostly intact, most of the wooden superstructure has collapsed, with a large debris field in the middle covered with nets, but containing many very interesting artifacts.  The Sebastian is unique because it is an early oil tanker which also had sails.

For additional information about the Sebastian, please consult the Seeker's Sebastian page.  Also see Greg Mossfeldt's Sebastian page, and my page on the 1999 Sebastian Expedition.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Seeker to the Sebastian, Saturday and Sunday, July 1 - 2, 2000 (continued from page II).

Joe Ferrali assists Mike Yasky and Danny Crowell gear up for a dive on the Sebastian.  Danny is featured in the July 2000 issue of Esquire Magazine [don't let it go to your head, Danny ;-) ].
We are treated to a beautiful sunset at the end of the first day, with flat seas.
Everyone mixes gas and prepares for the next day's diving activities late into the night.
Diving on the second day out over the Sebastian is just as rewarding as the first.  Here Joe Ferrali climbs back on the boat smiling.
Doc Gianni gets back on board.
Gene Holmes and Joe Mazraani, with a brass door lock and a fork.  Many people got a lot of interesting little artifacts.
Mike Pizzio gears up with his Buddy Inspiration rebreather to go pull the hook at the end of our time on the Sebastian.  Standing around him from left to right are John Chatterton, Steve Brozyna, Pete Wohleben, Joe Mazraani, and Bill Cleary.
On the way back we see a 4-masted barkentine off in the distance!
And then a 3-masted bark!
We decide to go closer and check out the 4-masted one.  She is on her way to OpSail 2000 for the 4th of July in New York!
Here is a picture of the bow.  As you can see, she has deck guns!
Here is a close-up of the beautiful figurehead of a woman.
Guess what?  She is the Sebastian!  Her full name is the Juan Sebastian de Elcano, the Spanish Navy training ship out of Cadiz, Spain.  Although here she is rigged as a barkentine, she is used to be a schooner, and is one of the longest sailing ships in the world, at 370 feet.
This is a picture of her stern - notice the elegant helm and the Spanish flag with the coat of arms!
As the Sebastian de Elcano sails off into the sunset, I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as we did actually being there!

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