1998 Andrea Doria Photos

All images on this page 1998 by Christina Young.

Christina Young (left) and Ron Scorese getting suited up in preparation for the first Doria dive of the day. Time was just after 6:00 AM, currents on the bottom were wicked. Almost no waves, though! 
John Chatterton preparing to jump in for a Doria dive. He's about to give Charlie McGurr (background) his final trimix certification dive... how would you like to have your's on one of the world's most spectacular shipwrecks?
A calm day out over the Andrea Doria. After all the cylinders are transfilled and topped off, and tables cut for the next dive, there is time to relax on a hot day in this nice calm pond called the Atlantic Ocean!
John Yurga decompressing at the 10 foot stop after a dive to the Andrea Doria.
Capt. Danny Crowell and Todd Smith help Anita Smith back onto the boat after her long Doria dive. Notice how calm the seas are -- like glass! It's always that way when you go out on the Seeker. ;-)
Christina Young and Enrique Alvarez show off some beautiful, pristine, first-class Andrea Dorea china after the last dive of the day, when the sun is setting. Although exhausted after a long day, we will be up preparing for the next day's dives for the next few hours. There is no rest until you're done transfilling, topping off with the compressors, cutting tables, and getting everything ready for the next day. It's definitely worth it, though -- you have the time of your life out here! And you definitely sleep like a log each night.
Will Smithers (right) and friends look for a dropped screw or o-ring from his Mk-15.5 rebreather. This seemed to be, unfortunately, a common occurance on this particular Andrea Doria expedition!
Will Smithers' U.S. Navy Mk-15.5 closed-circuit rebreather. Iconel spheres are used instead of cylinders for the O2 and diluent pressure vessels. Will told me that he had gotten this unit just a couple weeks before, and that the Andrea Dorea was his second dive on it.
Will Smithers and Andy Driver (left) discuss the possibilities of obtaining a soldering iron far out at sea. ;-) ;-)

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