2002 Andrea Doria Photos I

All images on this page 2002 by Christina Young.

These are pictures from the 2002 Seeker 2-day expedition to the Andrea Doria, approximately 107 miles off Montauk, New York, under 250 feet of water in the North Atlantic, which took place on July 13-14, 2002.

For more information on the Andrea Doria, the Grand Dame of the Sea, check out the New Jersey Scuba Diving Andrea Doria Page and the Seeker's Andrea Doria page.  There also two good books out about diving the Andrea Doria.  The first is Andrea Doria: Dive To An Era by Gary Gentile (1989), and the second is Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria by Kevin McMurray (2001).

George Place frets as the sound of Taps is in the air, while Danny Crowell gives the briefing prior to leaving the dock on a clear Friday night at Star Island Yacht Club in Montauk, NY.  Hey, this is before we even get out to the Doria!  ;-)  But next door is a U.S. Coast Guard Station, and they play Taps every night....
George Place and Steve Brozyna as we leave Montauk Harbor.  Steve is the co-captain on this trip.
We arrive out over the site of the Andrea Doria about 8 hours later, waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning.
This beautiful wreath was donated by the survivors of the Andrea Doria - Stockholm accident, to commemorate those who died in the collision.
John Chatterton has his morning coffee.  He's just as crazy as ever, and a constant source of amusement.
Gene Holmes, Doc Gianni, and Joe Ferrali have breakfast before going diving.
Steve Brozyna and Danny Crowell in the Seeker's well-equipped wheelhouse position the boat over the wreck.
When the call goes out to drop the grapnel, Terry Martzall and Mike Trapani are up on the bow to work with the guys in the wheelhouse to hook the wreck.
Joe Ferrali and Bill Cleary set up their gear down on the deck.

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