1998 Wreck Diving Photos

All images on this page 1998 by Christina Young.

Me (Christina, in drysuit), John Sutherland, and Mike Dudas (closest to camera) looking at a nice bronze steam valve recovered from the WWII wreck of the Ayuruoca (Oil Wreck), 170' in the New Jersey Mud Hole. Dive boat Hunter charter.
This photo of me and Bill Schmoldt (blue drysuit, who assisted, because the 50 lb. lift bag I had was too small - there was a large steel piece on the end, removed before this photo) shows how large this nice artifact is. It is solid bronze, with heavy bronze machinery inside. The faucet is for draining out the condensation.
John Sutherland with a wood and brass chest top, Bill Schmoldt, and me (Christina) after a great and productive day out on the Ayuruoca!
Mike Wagner with the bronze compass he recovered from the wreck of the freighter Lillian (150'), New Jersey offshore. He found it on the end of his dive, almost right under the anchor line tie-in point! Dive boat Hunter.
Okay, this photo isn't from 1998 (I think it's 1996, before the legendary George Hoffman died), but it is a classic! It shows Petie Wohlleben cleaning the side of the Sea Lion. He opened up a valve (recovered from the Stolt Dagali) filled with thick, black bunker oil and spilled it all over the side of the dive boat! I think it took him days to get that oily, gooey film all off! George was pissed! So next time you wish to strike up a conversation with Pete while he's mating on the Seeker [that's just a joke! ;-) ;-) ;-) ], just mention the time he spilled oil all over the Sea Lion!
This is a rubber hand stamp that Petie Wohlleben recovered from the captain's office in the superstructure of the bow of the Ayuruoca (Oil Wreck, 170'), New Jersey Mud Hole. A very nice piece, it says "Ayuruoca" on it in large letters.
Capt. Bob Leach on the Sea Lion, passing the World Trade Center on a cold morning in late November. We are leaving New York Harbor for a day of dredging the Black Warrior, a large sailing vessel with a side paddle wheel which sank in 1859 off Queens. It was involved in an incident down in Cuba which was one of the events leading to the U.S. Civil War.
Capt. Al Pyatak on the Sea Lion, leaving New York Harbor on the way out to the Black Warrior.
Dan Berg and Enrique Alvarez assemble the water dredge while on the way to the Black Warrior. Ellis Island in the background.
Christina Young with two silver forks dredged up from the Black Warrior. Both forks are in excellent condition, and have "Black Warrior" engraved on the handles.

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