2000 Deep Exploration Photos II

All images on this page 2000 by Christina Young, unless otherwise noted.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Seeker deep exploration trip, Saturday August 26, 2000.  Over the years, Seeker "deep ex" trips have produced such finds as the "U-Who" (later identified as the U-869), the Sebastian, the Norness, and others.  However, these trips can also turn up duds, because you never know what's beneath a set of numbers until you go down and see what's there!  On this day Capt. Danny Crowell had three sets of numbers to check out.  If the first one didn't turn out, we would move on to the others.  The first set was listed by some fishermen as a "liberty ship".  We shall see!

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A piece of the superstructure on top and forward.  The geometric shape of this particular piece of decking is very interesting. 
The "side" of the superstructure.
A railing, top and forward.
The ship is broken in two.  We only saw the bow section, the stern section is missing.  This is looking down at the break, just aft of the forward superstructure.
A view of a different part of the break.
This is a water-tight door inside one of the rooms near the break.
A leopard shark hangs out.  These guys were all over the place.
Joe Mazraani does his hang.  On top the visibility was great and the water a nice, deep blue!
After Danny and Mike got back on the boat, a whole chain of divers started jumping in the water.  This is Richie Kohler coming down the line. 
Then Petie Wohlleben.
And Mike Trapani.
Then Steve Brozyna.

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