2000 Mexicana Photos II

All images on this page 2000 by Christina Young.

The Mexicana is a sunken freighter off northern North Carolina, 145 feet under the mid-Atlantic.  She is upright and somewhat intact, but the superstructure is missing.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Miss Lindsey out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to the Mexicana on Saturday, August 5, 2000.  This was an invitation by the VBTech tech diving club of the Lynnhaven Dive Center in Virginia Beach to certain divers from California, Florida, New York and New Jersey.  (Continued from Page I).

This is probably the most beautiful, upright, intact example of a triple expansion engine I have ever seen underwater.
JT salvages a grapnel that he lost a previous time.  Unfortunately, someone on the boat just watched it float away on the lift bag!
This is the picturesque helm stand of the Mexicana.
I look up from one of the holds out at JT.  They were fun to scooter through, and the shape and size of huge, square corroded holes in all parts of the hull and bulkheads gave me the feeling of diving through old Roman ruins. 
Looking up at the Miss Lindsey's twin deco bars as I ascend at the end of my dive. 
Jarrod Jablonski flies by on his way down to the wreck on Mike Kane's Gavin scooter.
George descends at the beginning of his dive, a swimming advertisement for the Seeker!
The deco bars also serve as a gathering place for divers at the beginning of their dive.
Jarrod Jablonski and Mike Kane hang out on the way back in from the wreck.  Notice how flat the seas are!
Part of the gang hanging out on the Miss Lindsey's upper deck on the way back. 

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