2001 Merida Photos III

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young.

The Merida is a passenger liner (Ward Line) sunk in 1911 in a collision with the SS Admiral Farragut, approximately 80 miles west / northwest of Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 210 feet of water.  The wreck has been subjected to a couple of salvage expeditions, looking for the cargo of silver bars she was supposedly carrying.  It is turtled (upside down), with some large holes blown into the hull by the salvors to allow access.  It is seldom visited, and I was told that the last time anyone was there was over five years ago.

For more information on the Merida, see the Association of Underwater Explorers' (AUE) Merida page.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Miss Lindsey out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to the Merida on Sunday, June 24, 2001 (continued from page II).

A boiler partially underneath an overhanging portion of the hull.
A closer look at the boiler.
Passing the triple expansion engine again swimming back to the anchor line.
Becky (front) and JT do their hang.
The Miss Lindsey sundeck is a great place to hang out on the ride back in. 
Myself, Richie Kohler and Dan Bartone.  Richie tries to give me rabbit ears, but fails miserably. ;-)  It comes out as a peace sign instead!

This map of the wreck layout of the Merida was drawn by Richie Kohler, based upon what he and others on the boat that he interviewed saw during their dives.  We were tied into the rudder, broken off and laying on the wreck.

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