2001 Andrea Doria Photos III

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young, unless otherwise noted.

The Andrea Doria is one of the world's most famous wrecks, lying on her starboard side in 250 feet of water, approximately 107 miles southeast of Montauk, New York.  She is a nearly 700 foot long Italian luxury ocean liner, sunk in 1956 after colliding with the Swedish liner Stockholm.

For more information on the Andrea Doria, the Grand Dame of the Sea, check out the New Jersey Scuba Diving Andrea Doria Exhibit and the Andrea Doria website.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Miss Lindsey leaving out of Montauk, New York, to the Andrea Doria, July 3 - 4, 2001 (Continued from Page II).

Petey Wohlleben heads down the line to the wreck.  You can see stowed stage bottles on top of the wreck to his right.
Richie Kohler does his hang.
Dan Bartone sits back on the Miss Lindsey's hang bar during his decompression.  I think he's bored. ;-)  Visibility wasn't very good even at the shallow stops.
This is me doing my 20 foot deco stop, with large, silver platter from the Dan and Steve Silver Room.  The Mk-15 rebreather performed flawlessly the entire trip, as usual.  Richie Kohler took this picture.
Richie shows off a first class celery dish he retrieved.
Frankie Pellegrino just having returned from his dive.
Capt. JT reads that same U-boat article that Petey was reading.
A bucket full of silverware.  The most stuff is recovered when divers work in teams to get it, as on this trip.  I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of our 2001 Miss Lindsey Doria trip!

Frankie Pellegrino mailed me the next three photos.  This is me with one of the silver platters.  Note the K bottles of helium and argon on the right (we are standing on the port side here).  The K bottles of oxygen are on the starboard side.

2001 Frank Pellegrino

Me and Steve Lovas, who found the room with silver platters and dishes along with Dan Bartone.  The boat's compressor is on the right.  We had a complete mixing station, with a Haskel and also high-pressure air banks to 4000 psi.

2001 Frank Pellegrino

Richie Kohler and Frankie Pellegrino, with silverware and juice glasses.  A lot of stuff came up because we worked in teams.

2001 Frank Pellegrino

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