2001 Andrea Doria Photos I

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young.

The Andrea Doria is one of the world's most famous wrecks, lying on her starboard side in 250 feet of water, approximately 107 miles southeast of Montauk, New York.  She is a nearly 700 foot long Italian luxury ocean liner, sunk in 1956 after colliding with the Swedish liner Stockholm.

For more information on the Andrea Doria, the Grand Dame of the Sea, check out the New Jersey Scuba Diving Andrea Doria Exhibit and the Andrea Doria website.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Miss Lindsey leaving out of Montauk, New York, to the Andrea Doria, July 3 - 4, 2001.

Frankie Pellegrino and Dan Bartone set up their gear as we leave Snug Harbor in Montauk late Monday night.
Capt. JT Barker and Petey Wohlleben joke around with Richie Kohler during the ride out.
We arrive on site early the next morning, to find that the mooring the Miss Lindsey left on the wreck during the previous trip is gone.  JT will scooter down to the wreck and try to find the same spot.
JT finds the line and re-floats it.  The line and ball were tangled around life boat davits down on the wreck, a result of a storm that moved through a couple of days earlier.  Here you don't see the ball yet, it popped to the surface a few minutes later as we pulled it up.
Becky Spalding, Petey and Dan Bartone pull up the line.
Petey prepares to splash and go to one of his productive places in the wreck.
Richie Kohler is right behind him, assisted by the mate Becky and Frankie Pellegrino.  Frankie is a N.Y.P.D. scuba team cop, and has interesting stories to tell about his work.
Captain Zero's boat, the John Jack, arrives at the wreck.
Chuck Hatcher and I arrive down on the wreck.  Visibility was not great, only about 10 feet horizontally.
Passing a life boat davit. 
Some cables in the wreck.  Cables are one of the many hazards, and can be very dangerous.
Looking down a stairway.  Most of the wreck now resembles a silty, dangerous, tangled mass of confusing sharp edges both inside and out, with an occasional recognizable structure, such as these stairs.  It does not look like a "ship" anymore.  I laugh when people say we should "leave artifacts for the next diver to see".

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