1999 Miscellaneous Diving Photos

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

These are all pictures that didn't make my other specific wreck diving pages, but nevertheless still give a feel for what it's like to be on these kinds of trips! I will be adding more as the dive season progresses.

Gary Gentile and Petie Wohleben get ready to go tie into the Ioannis P. Goulandris, a sunken Greek freighter in 200 fsw, New Jersey Mud Hole. The Goulandris sank in 1942 when the Panamanian freighter Intrepido crashed into it. Although it is intact, has some nice penetrations and is generally a fun dive, the artifacts aren't as nice as some of the other wrecks because the Goulandris brothers were cheap. Photo by Christina Young, May 1999 (Seeker).
This picture shows how ugly ships are getting to be nowadays. They just don't make them like they used to! This car carrier looks like a giant cinderblock moving across the ocean. Photo by Christina Young, May 1999 (out over the Goulandris).
Back at the dock in Brielle, NJ, unloading the Seeker after another wreck diving adventure. We had just gotten back from the trip to the Goulandris. Photo by Christina Young, May 1999.
This picture shows a typical street scene on a Seeker overnight trip. Just how much gear can you cram onto a dive boat?! Will MacBeth, Bill Cleary and Chris Claiborne (behind Bill) talk about what they're going to do on the next dive. Photo by Christina Young, Andrea Doria, July 1999.

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