Miscellaneous Dive Photos

More to be added soon!

This is Bill Schmoldt with a porthole he recovered from the Continent. Dive boat Hunter, 1996 or 1997, I think.
The 7th Fleet chases the Hunter off of the Oil Wreck. I know that the Maersk Rio Grande radioed the Coast Guard and complained about us diving in the shipping lanes (like we've been doing for years), but this is ridiculous! Sonny and Lee fret and hope they can't catch us.
Another lucky trip! Artie LaFemina and Stevie Shearon bring back dinner after a day out on the Sea Lion. I think this is 1995 or 1996.
Christina, in Port Saint Joe, Florida to dive with the Bubba Brothers on the White Whale! Hey this town gives new meaning to "Redneck Riviera"... it's still back in the 1940s! The town in dominated by one huge, ancient paper mill surrounded by stacks of southern yellow pine logs, and not much else. Check out the dive truck, used to ferry divers and gear between the shop (Capt. Black's) and the dock! Not much in the way of comfort here... plywood seats and sisel for seat belts! Think it would pass Jersey inspection? ;-) Photo from 1994.
Captains Jim Hecker and Bud George give the pre-dive briefing before a dive to the Megadan in 220'. Dive boat Pequod, Destin, Florida, 1995.
Claude Connell gets suited up in preparation for a dive to the Megadan in 220', off Destin, Florida. Dive boat Pequod, 1995. Huge sharks and tuna in the water that day!
Capt. Nancy Birchette (owner of the Sea Cobra, Destin, Florida), grills some freshly shot grouper with her famous secret sauce. There is nothing like fresh grouper grilled right after it comes out of the water. You have to be careful it doesn't jump off the grill, though! I think this is from 1993 or 1994.
Christina Young brings home dinner after hunting from the Sea Cobra, Destin, Florida. 1993 or 1994.

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