2002 Jodrey Photos III

All images on this page 2002 by Christina Young.

The Roy A. Jodrey is a 640-foot long sunken bulk steel freighter in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York.  She lies 140 feet (crows nest) to 250 feet under fresh, clear water, having been sunk in 1974 after striking Pullman Shoal.  More on the Jodrey can be found here.  Also see pictures from last year's Jodrey trip here.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the Mad Dog Expeditions trip to the Jodrey, May 31 - June 2, 2002.  (Continued from page II).

A crushed entrance into the stern superstructure beneath the stack.
A different entrance into an interesting room in the stern.  Note the nice cage lamp on the left.
Looking up at the stern profile.
Jay does his decompression following the dive to the stern.
Our Farallon guys zoom by, showing off for the camera.
They actually zoomed by a few times. ;-)  Water temperature was a consistent 53 degrees F top to bottom, with no thermo cline, a bit warmer than the water off the New Jersey coast that was still in the mid to upper 40's on the bottom.  The water in the river sits between the locks and warms up all day long.
During Sunday morning's dive to the bow, Greg Jackson won our trip's Heather and Dave Award for the most stuff you can cram on your head in a single dive!  Here he has both an HID light and video camera mounted to his helmet with large cables coming out the back.
Jay Tempe leads us to an interesting area to explore inside the bow that he found on the previous dive.
Greg swims down a hallway in the area.  It quickly becomes apparent that these are living quarters, perhaps for the officers as they are in the bow.
A sink and mirror in a head.
A bunk in a sleeping area down the hallway.
A rack for magazines or other items in the same room.  These little touches make it seem like someone was just living there yesterday.

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