2001 Jodrey Photos III

All images on this page 2001 by Christina Young.

The Roy A. Jodrey is a 640-foot long sunken bulk steel freighter in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, New York.  She lies 140 feet (crows nest) to 250 feet under fresh, clear water, having been sunk in 1974 after striking Pullman Shoal.  More on the Jodrey can be found here.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the Mad Dog Expeditions trip to the Jodrey, June 9-10, 2001.  (Continued from page II).

Entering the doorway from the bottom of the previous page.  To the right is some sort of radio room, to the left is the captain's office.  Straight ahead the hallway continues.
I think that this is a radio room, with radios on this cabinet.
Looking back at the Jodrey bow.
Here's another picture of the bow, on the way up at the end of the dive.
It's kind of fun to pick a boulder on which to decompress!
Looking around during my decompression.  This would be a scenic hike if it were above the water!
Greg Jackson and Andrew Driver at the 20 foot stop.
The next day (Sunday) we dived the stern of the Jodrey.  Here Andrew Driver of Mad Dog gives the pre-dive briefing on the way out to the site.
The Jodrey stern is a little bit to the east of the U.S. Coast Guard station, and near this beautiful estate.  The guy who lives here can dive the Jodrey from his home!
The stern is quite a different dive.  Instead of falling off of a rock wall, you follow a yellow polypropylene line that is chained around a boulder in 20 feet of water.  The line heads off into the open water, and it is quite a long swim (5 - 7 minutes) through sometimes very heavy currents before you see the wreck, starting at about 150 feet in depth.
I see Tom Walek's light as I finally reach the stern after the long swim.  Tom is a plastic surgeon.  If you need a nose job or some new boobs, call him! ;-)
Bill Marzano explores the top of the Jodrey.

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