1999 Vizcaya Photos II

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

Welcome to New Jersey's newest dive boat for deep exploration, the Depth Charge!  The Depth Charge is a 42-foot Provincial, custom built to salvage the RMS Republic and other cool wrecks!

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Depth Charge to the 287- foot long Spanish steamer Vizcaya, Sunday, December 5, 1999.  The Vizcaya sank in 1890 in a collision with the schooner Cornelius Hargraves, six miles east of Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey.  (Continued).

Christina prepares for a Vizcaya dive.
Bill Schmoldt with brass porthole swing and backing plates he found on the Vizcaya. 
Darren Lynch peers in a hole he dug with a scooter, looking for bottles.  Visibility was shot after the scooters started digging!
Large piece of machinery on the Vizcaya.
The broken beams of the Vizcaya.  Most of the wreck is very broken up, but presents excellent digging opportunities.
Paul Klein on the Vizcaya.
Christina before heading back up the anchor line.  Darren Lynch is behind me, with his scooter in tow.
Christina ascending.  In this picture, I am showing off a small bottle I retrieved off the Vizcaya, but visibility isn't really good enough to see it.
Bill Schmoldt with his Vizcaya porthole.

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