2000 Depth Charge / Carolina Photos I

All images on this page 2000 by Christina Young.

The SS Carolina was a 380 foot long passenger liner sunk in WWI by the U-151 on "Black Sunday", June 2, 1918, along with five other ships, including the freighter Texel and collier Winneconne.  The wreck was discovered and dived in 1995 after extensive research by John Chatterton and John Yurga.  The Carolina lies in 250 feet of water approximately 65 miles east of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

For additional information on the background about the SS Carolina, please consult the SS Carolina Virtual Museum and the Seeker's Carolina page.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the voyage of the Depth Charge to the SS Carolina, Sunday, August 27, 2000.

Bill Cleary pilots the Depth Charge out of Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey, and heads southeast to the wreck, almost 75 miles away.
Joe Mazraani and Gene Holmes get suited up in preparation to go tie into the wreck.  This time we did it shot-line style, which worked rather well.
When I get down to the wreck, Bill shows me a nice brass deadlight just laying there.  There were several of these around this area.  The Carolina is just one of those wrecks that has so many nice artifacts that you can afford to pick and choose which ones you want.
A closer view of the deadlight.
We've been trying to figure out what this object is, that Billy found.  Although it looks like it might be a bell, it is steel and badly corroded.
Here's a different view of "the object".  If you think you know what it might be, shoot me an e-mail!
This is what most of the SS Carolina looks like, a big junk pile and not a ship.  Although some shipwreck connoisseurs may not like it for that reason, it is one of my favorite wrecks because of the beautiful artifacts that can be found all over the place.
Billy finds and salvages the shot that we dropped, which someone had lost [it wasn't me ;-) ].  Unfortunately, someone else [which also wasn't me ;-) ] lost it again.  One of the Carolina boilers is behind him to the left.
Broken pieces of china are all over the place.  Most of the unbroken stuff is just beneath the surface and is obtained by digging through the wreckage.
This is looking back at the wreck as I am ascending up the line.  The ill-fated shot is at the top of the picture, waiting to be lost again. ;-)
Joe Mazraani and Gene Holmes do their deco, with the Depth Charge above them.
Petie Wohlleben descends into the deep blue to do his dive.
Some of the china, bottles, and other artifacts that we found.
It is dark by the time we get back to the dock at Clark's Landing in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Here we are showing off some of our artifacts.  Joe laughs at my explanation of the origin of a vegetable dish I found, while Gene tries to get a word in about his small frying pan.
Billy inspects Gene's frying pan, which turns out to be silver.  I hope you have enjoyed these Carolina pictures!

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