This page is devoted to the underwater hunting exploits and adventures of Bob and Claude. Bob and Claude were my old dive buddies before I moved from the World's Luckiest Fishing Village to northern New Jersey in 1991. I taught them everything they know about spearfishing. ;-) Anyway, they are jealous that I get to dive the world's greatest wrecks all the time, so they often send me pictures of all these big fish they shoot to make me envious. This is where I'll put their pictures for all the world to see!

Claude shot this monster 87 pound cobia with his Riffe speargun in April of this year (2000).  Bob's in the hole now, and needs to catch up!
This is a 49.2 pound cobia (left) that Claude shot on September 24, 1999, along with a smaller, 30 pound amberjack (on right).
This is a huge amberjack that Claude (on the left) and a huge grouper that Bob (on the right) shot in 1996. They use Riffe guns, in case you're wondering.
Bob won the amberjack division of the 1999 Fantasea Spearfishing Tournament (Destin, Florida) with this 1st place, 49.5 pound amberjack.
Claude won the 1st Place cobia in the 1999 Fantasea Spearfishing Tournament (Destin, Florida). This cobia is 37.5 pounds. It is rather unusual to find cobia in July, the cobia runs take place in March and April.
This is Christina riding her motorcycle through the North Jersey woods on a day in which diving was blown out. I had to put this here because it is something Bob only dreams about!



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