1999 Ayuruoca Photos III

All images on this page 1999 by Christina Young.

The following pictures (all images from video) are from the Ayuruoca (Oil Wreck) trip on the SEEKER (continued), Saturday, October 30, 1999.  For a description of the Ayuruoca, go back to 1999 Ayuruoca Photos I.

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The gorgeous, 7 foot (diameter), teak and bronze auxiliary steering helm of the Ayuruoca.
A closer look at this beautiful artifact.
This is the 2-inch space between the helm (on the left), and a heavy, metal shroud.  You can just barely see the shaft down in there.  There is a reason why this beautiful artifact is still here!  It is also in a very tight, enclosed area (which also happens to be covered in 3-inch armor plate).
One last look at the helm (I bet you can tell that I really, really like it)!
A nice, brass deadlight on the Ayuruoca stern.
A large, spare ship's anchor in the stern of the Oil Wreck.
A different view of the anchor.
Here's a picture of me (Christina).  Don't I look like a cone head here?  ;-)
Patty Horsch does her decompression after an Ayuruoca dive.  She's famous for bringing delicious, home-made brownies on every trip!
Ray Evangelista shows off a large, brass porthole he recovered from the debris field near the break in the Oil Wreck stern.
Petie Wohlleben and John Yurga shoot the breeze during the trip back home!
These Ayuruoca pages in memory of Kevin Lymn, who died on October 17, 1999.  Rest in Peace, Kevin.

(Image from Andrea Doria, July 1999)

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